The Client

Gladiate helps personal injury lawyers grow and scale their firms with a premium CMS designed for PI firms. Having already made headway in the industry, Gladiate required a more sophisticated strategy to stand out from the competition and increase leads. 

The Challenge

PI lawyers love Gladiate when they use it. Gladiate’s challenge was to attract more leads to demo its incredible product. As a growing company, Gladiate wanted to align its sales team with clear and consistent brand messaging.

The Solution

Following the Brand Edit, Brave Tale built a complete Brand and Marketing Strategy, using it to redesign Gladiate’s website, create conference collateral, and develop a sales funnel to capture more leads at industry events.

The Results

Gladiate’s new website distinguishes itself from the competition with warmer, audience-oriented visuals and messaging that better reflects the company’s practical, straightforward approach to tech innovation. Its evergreen sales funnel creates a perfect bridge to capture more leads IRL and through digital channels.


  • Brand Edit
  • Brand & Marketing Strategy
  • Website Design & Copywriting
  • Conference Assets: Banners
  • Sales Funnel: Video, Lead Magnet and Emails

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