Brave Tale

Inspired by visionary businesses and intrepid entrepreneurs

Meet the Team

Kelly MacDonald

Kelly established Brave Tale to combine her love of the written word with her passion for entrepreneurship. As a strategist and copywriter, Kelly helps turn your business vision into messaging that’s true to your brand.

Here are some things you will likely hear when you work with her:

“Clarity is better than cute and clever.”

“This is your story. We’re just helping you tell it.”

“I love my job!”

Before establishing Brave Tale, Kelly spent 10 years as a freelance consultant and copywriter for individual businesses and a “gun for hire” for advertising and marketing agencies throughout Canada and the US.

Having worked with hundreds of companies in the B2B space – from SaaS to tech and consulting firms – Kelly’s goal is to provide expert guidance and quality content that aligns teams, supports operational objectives, and positions a business for its next stage of evolution.

Michele Fog
Graphic Designer & Website Developer

Her well-honed eye and impeccable taste help Brave Tale clients re-imagine or refine their visuals to elevate their brand.

Here’s what you should know about Michele:

She worked in a design house when other kids were still in Little League.

She built a successful design agency even before she graduated from university.

Her English is perfect, but she’ll sometimes whip out perfect French, which always amazes our US clients!

Whether she’s working on your logo or creating an entirely new website, Michele always considers the logistical and operational aspects of rebranding and brand updates. It’s her goal to create sustainable and scalable branding that supports your business objectives wherever possible.

Be legendary.

Success hinges on creating unforgettable moments—solving problems and evoking emotions.

Your business offers services or products, but your brand crafts memories that ignite action.

Let us help shape your brand and share your story to get measurable results.